Regular Fries

Our regular fries are the perfect side to any sandwich or burger. They’re crispy and golden brown, with just the right amount of seasoning. They are great for dipping in our House Cheese “Wizz” or Round Sauce.

Curly Fries

There’s nothing basic about the taste of our Curly Fries. Unlike traditional straight french fries, our classic Curly Fries are wonderfully seasoned and salty. They go perfect with our House Cheese “Wizz” or one of our savory dipping sauces.

Cheese Fries

Our Cheese Fries are a step up from your average fries. They’re smothered in our house cheese sauce and topped with diced onions. If you’re looking for something extra cheesy, try our Chili Cheese Fries.

Gravy Fries

For the ultimate in savory deliciousness, try our Gravy Fries. They’re covered in beef drippings and ends, with a side of our house-made gravy for dipping.

These fries are a little on the heavy side, so be careful if you order a sandwich. You might be bringing home a doggy bag.

After each bite, the delicious gravy will have you licking your fingers. Seriously, our Gravy Fries are that good.

Dirty Fries

Get your hands dirty with our Dirty Fries! Topped with caramelized onions, Provel cheese, gravy, and our House sauce, these fries are hearty enough to be eaten as a meal! Keep your stomach from growling, and try our Dirty Fries today.

Chili Cheese Fries

If you’re looking for a bit of spice, try our Chili Cheese Fries. They’re the perfect blend of savory and cheesy, with just a hint of heat. We take our curly fries and add our beef chili and house cheese sauce.

Tater Tots

Our Tater Tots are made fresh in our kitchen and served hot and crispy. They’re the perfect side to any sandwich or burger.

Tater Tots are a must-try for people who appreciate a delightful blend of tastes in their fun-sized portion. Our Tater Tots, like our curly fries, are freshly cooked and fried to perfection in our kitchen for each customer. So, if you’re craving taters, give these tiny packages of toothsome goodness a try!

Cheese Tots

For a cheesy twist on our classic Tater Tots, try our Cheese Tots. They’re smothered in our house cheese sauce and are easier to eat with a fork unless you don’t mind getting your hands dirty.

At Top Round, we treat our fries as seriously as our beef and chicken or dessert. Our chefs prepare everything right here in our kitchen, from seasoning and frying them to serving them with lots of delicious cheese or loaded with gravy and onions.

We serve the best curly fries in Florida, thanks to our chefs’ extensive experience making them. You can rest assured that your fries will be crispy and golden brown, just the way you like them.

Our curly fries are as authentic as they come, just like our roast beef sandwiches. Unlike other fast-food restaurants, we don’t cut corners on quality or cleanliness in our kitchens.

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Top Round prides itself in preparing everything in its kitchen and doing it with lots of love and passion is what put us in the spotlight amongst food lovers. Don’t miss your chance to try the most palatable and mouth-watering curly fries and tater tots. Place an order today and let our chefs continue to impress you, one meal at a time.